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ROTOR ALDHU Crank 170mm

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Rotor Component Technologies was founded in the School of Aeronautical Engineering in Madrid in 1995. The designers decided to stablish a company to complete this product development and start a business venture. The early version of the ROTOR System became available in 1998, being manufactured by the Spanish high end component manufacturer.

Introducing the ALDHU cranks, ROTOR’s lightest cranks ever. ALDHU gave Rotor its first victory in the Tour de France: Carlos Sastre won legendary Alpe d'Huez stage, hence the name of its most advanced cranks. Following his example, Rotor wants you, too, to be able to achieve your most ambitious cycling goals.



-Technologies: OCP Mount: fit the chainring to your distinct pedaling style, Trinity Drilling System: holes along the axis of the crank for a lighter crank, Twin Leg: most-balanced cranks

-Crank material: 100% machined CNC, Al 7055.

-Q-Factor: 148 mm / 153 mm depending on axle choice, rim or disc.

-Crank length: 170mm

-Weight: 490 g

-Compatibility: With BSA, ITA, BB86, BB90, BB94, BB30, BB386, Press Fit 30 BB shells and BBRight frames.

-Chain line: 43.5 mm / 46 mm depending on axle choice, rim or disc.