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nov E-Type Hook Adapter MK3 (Black)

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It designed by novdesign, and made by novdesign in Korea.

They are a specialist for Brompton parts production with CNC process.

Basically, novdesign chase always light weight. No doubt on the weight.

Use the handle bar to balance without touching the ground when folding the bromton.

When changing from mudguard type to E type, it functions to level the folding bromton.

How to use

1. Clean the Bromton frame with enclosed alcohol cotton.

2. Attach the enclosed double-sided tape to the install position.

3. MK3 Hook Adapter can be easily installed by wrapping the frame and fastening it so that it clicks.

4. Penetrate and tie the enclosed cable tie to the four grooves on both sides of the MK3 hook adapter.

(Don't fold for about 24 hours and give it time to ripen so that the double-sided tape sticks firmly.

5. After about 24 hours, the double-sided tape will be firmly installed due to the force of the double-sided tape, the tightening of the MK3 hook adapter, and the tightening of the cable tie.


-Color : Black