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RESTRAP City Saddle Bag - Large

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CITY SADDLE BAG 摺疊單車尾袋同樣是 RESTRAP 的CITY RANGE 系列之配件,布料採用防水面料製成,備有2種尺寸,3款配色,可以容納各種裝備,如服裝、工具或隨身物品。2種尺寸都是膠帶密封的,完全防水。

CITY SADDLE BAG 底部還備有穩定橡筋繩扣,專為BROMPTON 而設計,只需將繩圈扣在 BROMPTON 的避震器上,借助橡筋繩的張力,令尾袋在行車時更加穩定,不會因為路面顛簸起伏而前後擺動。 

The City Saddle bag is designed for any folding bicycle. Constructed from waterproof fabrics, it comes in two sizes to accommodate a range of gear like clothing, off the bike footwear or tools. Both sizes are tape sealed and completely waterproof.

The bag also features an extendable bottom stabilising strap which fits easily around the suspension block on all Brompton bicycles.

Hand made in our Yorkshire workshop, all bags are finished with the classic Restrap label, made from vegan-friendly PU.


Body : Polyester Laminate, Hypalon

Lining : PU Coated Nylon

Webbing : Nylon



Size : H29cm x D5cm x W14cm

Weight : 150g

Capacity : 2 Litres