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RESTRAP Race Saddle Bag (7 LITRES)

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ADVENTURE RACE SADDLE BAG 採用激光切割皮套設計,專為超長距離騎行、遠足和比賽而設計。 皮套有一個專用的 7.0L 乾燥袋,100% 防水,並用 Fidlock™ 磁扣固定,即使戴著手套也能輕鬆調節。 尼龍織帶、Hypalon 肩帶和泡沫塊將皮套固定在座桿周圍,將包牢固地固定在適當的位置而不會晃動。

皮套採用硬殼結構,採用 X21 技術外層,包括用於額外捆紮的 Hypalon MOLLE 系統,同時進一步的 Hypalon 細節有助於耐用性並防止磨損和划痕。 乾燥袋上的反光細節增加了夜間騎行時的能見度。

The Adventure Race Saddle Bag uses a laser-cut holster design and is built for ultra-distance riding, audaxes and races. The holster has a dedicated 7.0L dry bag that is 100% waterproof and is secured with a Fidlock™ magnetic buckle that's easy to adjust, even whilst wearing gloves. Nylon webbing, Hypalon straps and foam blocks secure the holster around the seat post, keeping the bag securely in place without sway.

The holster is a hardshell construction with an X21 technical outer, and includes Hypalon MOLLE system for additional strapping whilst further Hypalon detailing aids durability and prevents scuffs and scratches. Reflective detailing on the dry bag adds visibility during night time riding.



Body : X21 Waterproof Materials

Lining : 210 Denier Nylon

Webbing : Nylon

Includes Fidlock Fittings



Size :  Diameter 15cm x W33cm

Weight : 250g

Capacity : 7 Litres