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RESTRAP Race Stem Bag

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ADVENTURE RACE STEM BAG 為集功能、科技、時尚等,並提供高度可調且易於使用的存儲解決方案。 多個 Hypalon MOLLE 支架和雙面魔術貼環提供了大量的安裝可能性。

創新的單拉式拉繩封口可讓您在行車時輕鬆單手伸入袋中取件。 向上拉動 Hypalon 拉環或減震繩即可分別打開或關閉袋口,而內部加強橡筋有助於輕鬆取用並幫助耐用防水的 VX21 外層保持其形狀,彈力網袋提供額外的外部存儲空間,可擴展的尼龍內部提供選項,在為下一段旅程補給時提高內部容量。 減震繩和 RESTRAP 標誌性的 Race Range 熱壓 LOGO 都具有反光效果,有助於在弱光條件下和夜間提供可見性。

The Adventure Race Stem Bag offers a highly adjustable and accessible storage solution for nutrition, tech, clothing and more. Multiple Hypalon MOLLE mounts and double sided velcro loops deliver a huge array of mounting possibilities.

Our innovative, single pull drawcord closure, allows for effortless one-handed access into the bag when on the move. One upward pull on the Hypalon tab or shock cord opens or closes the bag respectively, whilst the internal stiffener aids easy access and helps the durable and waterproof VX21 outer hold its shape Stretch mesh pockets offer additional external storage and an extendable nylon interior provides the option to boost the internal capacity when resupplying for the next leg of your journey. Both the shock cord and our signature Race Range heat-pressed logo are reflective, assisting visibility in low-light conditions and at night.


Body : Polyester Laminate

Lining : Oxford Nylon

Webbing : Nylon



Size : H29cm x W36cm

Weight : 86g

Capacity : 1.1 Litres